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A Comparison of Hotel Service Software - 1170 Words

Providence, Rhode Island Feinstein Graduate School Mid-term Exam A Writing Project Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the MBA Degree Course: HOSP 6526 Prof. Markham Chunzi Wang Dec 21, 2012 Question: Compare three different hotel service softwares (Hotel ServicePro, GuestWare, Oscar). What are key features and price point of each one? What are strengths of each one? With Marriott, Providence hotel condition, why they choose GuestWare as their service system interface? Do you think this is their best choice? Why? Answer: Key features amp; Price Hotel ServicePro The software, held by Hotel SystemsPro, LLC is one of lodging’s industry most significant technology developments in past ten years.†¦show more content†¦3, Service process tracking. With the completion of the service, the service center will call guests to confirm and verify guests’ satisfaction. 4, Light the areas that needs most attention. The software lights the requests depending on severity. The price of Oscar is affordable by most properties. There has no information about the price details. Strength As talked above, there are several common strengths that all of these software has. First, These systems seamlessly connect to their other products or partners. This enables management to be more proactive and efficient. As well, it centralizes guests’ information that helps to improve customer recognition and loyalty in the future. Second, all these systems have message function that offers mobile message alert when software receives guest’s requests. This enables management to respond actively and provide service as soon as possible. Additionally, all systems have classified report checklists on the interfaces that facilitate employees to check service process easily and make some flexible service changes if possible. For each software, it also has some strengths that match various type of hotels’ specific needs. For Hotel ServicePro, the uniqueness can be customizing guests’ requests. For some particular special requests, the software can also record i t and dispatch it out to managementShow MoreRelatedLeadership Styles Of Conrad Hilton1617 Words   |  7 PagesLeadership Comparison For my leadership comparison I selected Conrad Hilton of Hilton Worldwide. Since being founded in 1919, Hilton Worldwide has been a leader in the hospitality industry. Today, Hilton Worldwide remains a beacon of innovation, quality, and success. Leadership Characteristics Knowledge Gained from Research Knowledge Gained from Class How I plan to apply this Knowledge Integrity Hilton Worldwide prides themselves on doing things right the first time. I plan to uphold integrityRead MoreProfile Of The Conference And Event Center1114 Words   |  5 PagesProfile of Company The Conference and Event Center is conveniently nestled along the dynamic Old Falls Street, USA. Its location in downtown Niagara Falls, between the Seneca Niagara Casino Hotel and the entrance of the Niagara Falls State Park, ensures the versatility to create an event guests will love. The building itself is owned and governed by the State of New York. The building is 116,000 square feet of meeting and event space that can host a variety of activity. The Conference and EventRead MoreTaking a Look at Expedia Inc.885 Words   |  4 Pageswhich is localized in 29 countries with the headquarters in Bellevue. The American based company is the parent company of numerous travel brands including the The website books the travel tickets, vacation packages, hotel reservations and a lot more services for its customers through the internet based tools and telephone. Expedia.Com was founded in 1996 as the division of Microsoft and further developed into the Current form of Expe dia.Com. The travel brands that are working under ExpediaRead MoreEssay about B2B v. B2C Supply Chains981 Words   |  4 Pagesthat now businesses can use technology to reach customers and other businesses all over the world. This has caused a great surge in the world wide economy. In 2003 Business to Business (B2B) commerce tipped the scales at $1.41 Trillion. This is in comparison to Business to Consumer (B2C) that was $90.1 Billion (Naraine, R.2003). All of these purchases need to get transported and that is where businesses supply chains come in play. Contrary to popular belief the supply chains of B2B and B2C are not theRead MorePorters 5 Forces on Orbitz1288 Words   |  6 Pages------------------------------------------------- Orbitz Worldwide Inc. (NYSE: OWW) is a leading global online travel agency (OTA) that uses innovative technology to enable leisure and business travelers to research, plan, and book a broad range of travel services. Orbitz owns and operates a portfolio of consumer brands that includes Orbitz, CheapTickets, ebookers, HotelClub, RatesToGo, the Away Network, and the corporate travel brand Orbitz for Business. Orbitz has 800 employees in their Chicago headquartersRead MoreBenefits Of Controlling Airline Ticket Distribution1688 Words   |  7 Pagesvarious reasons, then information can be lost. †¢ The initial installation is expensive and depends on how airlines tend to customize it. †¢ In a scenario where the booking is made over the phone, staff must be used to make operations in the system. †¢ A software glitch can cause one buy the same ticket twice and then one has to contact customer care and stress oneself for reversal. †¢ Not all websites include taxes and charges in the costs when one start the booking process. Initially, the government formulatedRead MoreModern Trends : Social And Business Life1161 Words   |  5 Pagesorganization and hoped the local customers needed what they had to offer. All that changed with the inception of the Internet. A business is no longer dependent on its local customer base for its survival; it now has a worldwide audience for its goods and services. The Internet has changed not only a business customer base, but how a business communicates with its employees, and finds and manages the competition.† (Francis, 2013) The Internet – is the largest global computer network that connects tens ofRead MoreHotel Industry/Marriott Analysis2308 Words   |  10 PagesHotel Industry/Marriott Analysis Analysis of the Hotel Industry Industry Profile The need for lodging for individuals after traveling a great distance from home has been around since mankind began living inside of dwellings. To serve this need, hotels, or as they were more commonly referred to, inns, were created as a means to accommodate these travelers. In fact, the first recorded inn in America opened in 1607. Since their introduction they have grown in complexity, amenities, price, andRead MoreReport on Near Field Communications1392 Words   |  6 PagesReport on Near Field Communications Contents Report on Near Field Communications 1 1. Introduction 1 1.1. What is NFC? 1 1.2. History of NFC 2 1.3. Use of NFC 3 1.4. Comparison with Alternative Technologies 3 1.5. Software 3 1.6. Hardware 3 1.7. Basic Functioning 4 1.7.1. Radio Frequency Operation 4 2. Applications 4 3. Advantages and Disadvantages 4 4. Conclusion 4 5. References 4 1. Introduction Near Field Communications (NFC) is a set of standards for smartphones and similar devices to establishRead MoreA Research Study On Water Heating1374 Words   |  6 Pagesheater has been assessed for Indian climate with lower capacity utilization and low purchasing power of people. A comparison has been made on the unit cost of energy from conventional options: electricity, LPG, fuel wood, kerosene and natural gas. Taking certain assumptions parametric study has been conducted to analyze economic feasibility of a domestic solar water heater [9]. A comparison has been made in terms of feasibility of a solar water heater in domestic and commercial segment in Vietnam. Two

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Analysis Of The Book The Necklace - 1649 Words

Chelsea Helms Professor Lauren Allen English 101-070 11 September 2014 The Value of â€Å"The Necklace† In Guy De Maupassant’s short story, â€Å"The Necklace,† the main character Mathilde Loisel longs to be apart of a greater social class than she currently is. She borrows what she thinks is an expensive necklace from her friend and unfortunately loses it. She spends the rest of her life paying off the replacement necklace only to find out the original necklace was a fake. In the short story, Maupassant uses several key aspects of literature to illustrate specific themes that gives the audience a moral on value. Through diction, repetition, and imagery in the third paragraph of â€Å"The Necklace,† Maupassant portrays the concept that placing value on a material object such as necklace will not improve your socioeconomic status, but in fact destroy it. Maupassant’s particular diction used in the third paragraph of â€Å"The Necklace† demonstrates the argument that valuing a materialistic object like a necklace will decline your socioeconomic status. In the opening sentence the words â€Å"delicacies† and â€Å"luxuries† are used. Mau passant describes the character as â€Å"feeling herself born for all the delicacies and all the luxuries†(22). By choosing those particular words, he is illustrating that the main character values certain delicacies and luxuries like material objects. She feels as though she deserves â€Å"luxuries† and â€Å"delicacies† in life, but because of her social status, does not haveShow MoreRelatedAnalysis Of The Book The Necklace 988 Words   |  4 PagesThese unquenchable needs can be demonstrated by the main characters in the short stories â€Å"The Necklace†, which exemplifies the destructiveness of pride and selfishness from a woman that feels entitled and desires what’s beyond her means and the grandmother in â€Å"A Good Man Is Hard To Find† that puts her needs before others at all costs. Although these two stories are completely different in ways that â€Å"The Necklace is written in an earlier time in Paris about a young couples diffe rence in frugalness andRead MoreAnalysis Of The Book The Necklace 702 Words   |  3 PagesThe necklace She removed the wraps which covered her shoulders before the glass, so as once more to see herself in all her glory. But suddenly she uttered a cry. She no longer had the necklace around her neck! Her husband, already half undressed, demanded: â€Å"What is the matter with you?† She turned madly toward him: â€Å"I have --- I have --- I’ve lost Mme. Forestier’s necklace.† He stood up, distracted. â€Å"What! --- how? --- impossible!† And they looked in the folds of her dress, in theRead MoreAnalysis Of The Necklace1358 Words   |  6 Pages â€Å"The Necklace† Analysis Plot Analysis - The plot analysis of (Exposition) â€Å"The Necklace† by Guy de Maupassant, take place in the late 1800s when Mathilde Loisel and her husband decides to go to a ball. The importance of the place is so you can fully appreciate how royal Mathilde is supposed to be at the ball, and let me tell you, she pulls it off. She was the most beautiful woman there, but surprisingly it wasn t the necklace that made her shine that night. She alreadyRead Moremarxism in the necklace1512 Words   |  7 Pages Textual Analysis of â€Å"The Necklace† In â€Å"The Necklace†, Guy de Maupassant uses a woman’s life, and very important event in it, to depict the Marxism of his or her lifetime, especially amongst women. He uses comparisons and downfalls of her life to depict society’s shortcomings and beliefs of class. Marxism looks at the economic and social structures of a society and the draws attention to the struggles between the classes. A Marxist might believe that people are born as creations of economical orRead MoreFeminism In The Necklace1068 Words   |  5 PagesFeminist Analysis of Guy de Maupassant’s The Necklace. In recent decades, feminism has attracted attention from different individuals who fight for equal treatment of both genders. As defined by many researchers, feminism is the advocacy of equality between male and females. This concept began when people realized that the traditional roles of men and women provide a lot of injustice to women. According to Barry â€Å"The women’s movement’ of the 1960s was not, of course, the start of feminism. RatherRead MoreAnalysis Of The Poem The Ending Sentence Of The Story 836 Words   |  4 Pageslife paying back debt. This debt, of coarse, being from having to buy a new necklace after losing the one that she borrowed from Mme. Forestier. The ending is ironic because it tells the reader that the original necklace was fake and that Mathilde Loisel had basically just wasted ten years of her life working very hard at bad jobs to pay for something that she only bought because she thought that she lost a real diamond necklace. 3. The third-person-limited narrator paints a mostly unsympathetic pictureRead MoreThe Worlds Greatest Short Stories By Guy De Maupassant1678 Words   |  7 Pageslike seeing certain types of video clips on the news, and thereby elicit certain behaviors from us. In the book, The World’s Greatest Short Stories, analysis of the stories for tragic elements based on the theory we were studying lead to quite contrasting views from my fellow classmates and myself. One of the stories that was found to have controversial audience responses was, The Necklace, written by Guy de Maupassant. The story told a beautiful young lady, Matilda, who was never satisfied withRead MoreJoy Luck Club Character Analysis1045 Words   |  5 PagesJoy Luck Club Theme Analysis The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan is an entertaining book that focuses on four Chinese American immigrant families. They face problems in their hometown which causes them to move to the United States. They end up moving to San Francisco and face many different problems with their cultural background. The theme of The Joy Luck Club is the relationship between both the mothers and their daughters. A variety of different events occur throughout the book that explains the complexRead MoreEssay about Psychoanalytic Literary Criticism2493 Words   |  10 PagesI strongly believe that every person who reads a book, listens to the radio, or watches a program on television will make their own assumptions. I know I do. Most of us will ask, â€Å"Why did the main character make that decision?† Or â€Å"What were they thinking?† Could it be that the author of the story is protruding their own subconscious thoughts and beliefs through their characters? Absolutely, most critics have adapted psychoanalytic literary criticism theory based upon the worksRead MoreAmy Tans Fish Cheeks : Identity Is Created Through Culture745 Words   |  3 PagesCharacter, and through family life. Identity is Created by he/shes Character, and how they act. The Character of a person shows how One acts or what one likes. For example in Superman and Me by Sherman Alexie, He states, Our house was filled with books. They were stacked high in crazy piles in the bathroom, bedrooms and living room (Alexie 1) He also states, This knowledge delighted me. I began to think of everything in terms of paragraphs. Our reservation was a small paragraph within the United

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Middleman vs Ghost Free Essays

The Middleman VS The Ghost In the novel No Country for Old Men, the author, Cormac McCarthy, utilizes a unique style in his writing. From the dialogue to the plot, this novel is very different from McCarthy’s previous novels. Whereas the classic Western usual has a single protagonist, for example McCarthy’s very own Blood Meridian, which mainly centers around one main character, The Kid, No Country for Old Men is focused on three central individuals: Sheriff Ed Tom Bell, Llewellyn Moss, and Anton Chigurh. We will write a custom essay sample on Middleman vs Ghost or any similar topic only for you Order Now This notable technique allows reader to visualize the story from three points of views. Due to the post-war setting, specifically after the Vietnam War, the United States is in a state of turmoil led by violence and drugs. Due to the many scenes involving gun shoot-outs and characters on the run, No Country for Old Men can be interpreted as a genre of crime action and horror. When readers read or watch crime action, they expect it to start off with a criminal committing a crime and it ending with a hero solving the crime and capturing the bad guy. Some of the popular works of crime action are Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes series and CBS’s CSI: Crime Scene Investigation show. Like all genres, crime action has some loose guidelines: crime, investigation, and solution. The plot usually centers between the protagonist and antagonist. However, McCarthy adds a twist to the genre by adding a middleman. Readers can easily depict Chigurh as the antagonist since he commits multiple homicides, but who is the protagonist and middleman? At first, Moss appears to be the protagonist, but due to Moss’s death at the end, Bell ends up being the protagonist; thus making Moss the middleman. At first, readers assume Moss to be the protagonist since Chigurh is chasing after him. In addition, Moss gives off the impression that he is able to protect himself with his extensive knowledge on guns and ability to run away. Yet, this notion is proven wrong when Chigurh successfully kills Moss. In the end, Moss is considered to be an arrogant, selfish middleman, because he ignored the help of Sheriff Bell thinking that he can escape the grasp of Chigurh and put his wife and himself in danger for the sake of money. There are numerous times when Chigurh is committing a crime so quickly and andomly that Bell refers to him as a â€Å"ghost† (McCarthy, 149) and Wells calls him a â€Å"psychopathic killer† (McCarthy, 80). Yet, probably the biggest scene is when Chigurh attempts to kill Moss at Eagle Pass, but gets in a shoot-out with a group of Mexican drug dealers. Moss was able to escape from Chigurh, but suffered a fatal wound; the Mexicans were not so lucky as they were all killed. Though Chigurh was able to survive the shoot-out, he still ended up gettin g injured. This scene gives reader a sense of action due to Chigurh’s cunningness and skillfulness at executing crimes. Despite the multiple crimes, what makes No Country for Old Men a crime action is the cat-and-mouse chase. Throughout the novel, Moss is constantly running for his life, Chigurh’s persistent pursuit after Moss, and Bell’s attempt to save Moss by going after Chigurh. In Lydia Cooper’s article â€Å"’He’s a Psychopathic Killer but So What? ’: Folklore and Morality in Cormac McCarthy’s No Country for Old Men†, Cooper points out how McCarthy uses a â€Å"narrative structure [that] follows a ruling action of tri-episodic-action-repetition. In the novel, there is an emphasis on events occurring three times (Cooper, 10). Moss and Chigurh encounters each other three times, but Moss ends up dead on the third time (McCarthy, 99-239); Chigurh almost gets killed three times (McCarthy, 6-261); Chigurh and Bell almost face each other three times, but Chigurh always manage to avoid contact (McCarthy, 93-245). This method used by McCarthy gives the reader a sense of hit or miss in this crime action genre. Due to Anton Chigurh’s psychotic killings, nobody is safe in the novel. Therefore, the trope â€Å"Anyone Can Die† is well suited for the crime action in No Country for Old Men. Anton follows Moss’s every moves and kills everybody that Moss comes in contact with. Anton mercilessly kills innocent people just for driving Moss or working in the hotel he is staying at. McCarthy successfully portrays Chigurh as a ruthless, cold-hearted killer who has his own set of rules and morals. After the reader finds out how terrifying Chigurh is, McCarthy offers a false sense of hope by introducing Carson Wells. The trope â€Å"Contract on the Hit Man† goes with the novel by adding another hit man to kill the antagonist. Hired by the same company Chigurh was, Wells’ objectives were to retrieve the drug money and kill Chigurh. Readers feel relieved to know that somebody in the same field as Chigurh will be able to bring him down. However, hope is quickly crushed when Chigurh puts a hole in Wells’ face (McCarthy, 103) and kills his contractor (McCarthy, 117). These actions intensify Chigurh as a powerful and cunning psychopath who can’t be stopped. One significant characteristic of No Country for Old Men is that readers get to see the antagonist’s point of view. Through the eyes of Chigurh, readers get an understanding as to why he decides to kill innocent civilians. Through his own set of morals, Chigurh kills anybody that he thinks might pose a threat to him. When Chigurh talked to the proprietor of a gas station, Chigurh, out of the blue, tells the proprietor to â€Å"call it† after he tosses a quarter (McCarthy, 29). The reason Chigurh did a coin toss was to see whether or not he would let the proprietor live. This event shows the antagonist’s odd mindset, but yet gives the reader and unnerving awareness that he has â€Å"morals†. People who love to read or watch about horror expect to feel fear or panic caused by psychopaths or supernatural creatures. Some memorable works of horror are Stephen King’s novels or FX’s original hit series American Horror Story. What makes horror so frightening yet so fascinating is that it takes the readers out of their comfort zone and distorts their imagination. The creation of horror is usually created through the use of folklore or fantasy. The convention involves a terrifying antagonist going after the protagonist(s) in an eerie setting; it is similar to the theme of a wolf hunting a flock of sheep. If one thinks from a different point of view, No Country for Old Men is a bit similar to the horror movie Psycho when the main character ends up getting killed after stealing some money. At a different perspective, No Country for Old Men has some horror qualities to it. What makes the novel like a horror is Chigurh. McCarthy portrays Chigurh as a seemingly immortal, metaphysical character. His nonstop pursuit after his victims is haunting and the way he kills them after he captures them is distinctive. Like Freddy Krueger with his sharp, metal claws and Jason with his machete, Chigurh has his own special weapon: a stun gun attached to an air-tank. With his signature M. O. , usually a bullet to the head or between the eyes, Chigurh is a notorious psychopathic killer. The trope â€Å"Once is not Enough† depicts the horror genre in No Country for Old Men by showing how foolish Moss was to let Chigurh live. Chigurh and Moss has met three times; the first two times, Moss was able to narrowly escape Chigurh. The second encounter, Moss had the advantage over Chigurh by surprising Chigurh at gunpoint. For some reason, Moss let him live despite knowing the threat Chigurh posed to him. This is where the trope â€Å"Once is not Enough† applies; the victim lets the killer live thinking that running away is the solution. If Moss had taken the chance to kill Chigurh, then he would not have died in the end. Another trope â€Å"Unfinished Business† shows how strong-willed a villain can be. After attending Moss’s funeral, Carla Jean, the wife, returns to her house. When she heads to her room, she discovers Chigurh waiting for her on her bed. She knew why he was there but attempts to dissuade him from killing her by telling him he does not have to kill her. Taking pity on her, Chigurh gives her a second chance by letting the coin decide her fate. Nonetheless, fate was not on her side, and Chigurh killed her. The reason Chigurh killed Carla Jean was to finish the business he had with Moss. Even though Cormac McCarthy follows the conventions of crime action and horror, in some ways he steps out of the boundaries to create a twist to his novel. The norm in crime action genre is that the hero ends up being the victor and the enemy ends up losing. Despite this, McCarthy shocks the reader by abruptly killing Moss, which makes Chigurh the winner. In addition, since Sheriff Bell quits his job, which means that Chigurh is on the loose, the protagonist loses. The convention of a horror genre involves a sinister setting haunted by an ominous individual. Yet, the villain, Chigurh, travels to various places to track Moss. By breaking a few conventions, McCarthy gives the reader a taste of his own crime action and horror in No Country for Old Men. Cormac McCarthy successfully portrays the genres of crime fiction and horror in No Country for Old Men through his characters, plot, setting, and use of language. With the twist of including a middleman, McCarthy changes the convention of crime action; he also goes out of the norm by letting the antagonist be the winner at the end. The author also portrays Chigurh as a paranormal being that cannot be stopped, which gives the novel a sense of horror. This allows readers to enjoy a good crime fiction novel with some horror mixed into it. Works Cited Page Bennett, Steven. Definition of the Crime Fiction Genre. 13 Nov. 2012. http://www. findmeanauthor. com/definition_horror_fiction_genre. htm Cooper, Lydia R. â€Å"‘He’s a Psychopathic Killer, but So What? â€Å": Folklore and Morality in Cormac McCarthy’s No Country for Old Men. † Papers on Language Literature, Jan. 2009. Web. 6 Nov. 2012 Lydia R. Cooper, a student from Baylor University with a Ph. D. in English Literature, claims that Cormac McCarthy’s No Country for Old Men falls into the category of folklore and morality. The writer establishes a thesis-driven argument for her essay on Cormac McCarthy. Cooper incorporates the use of many quotes from McCarthy’s novels to demonstrate how the genres are evident in NCFOM. Cooper’s audience can be narrowed down to McCarthy’s fans and enthusiasts of folklore and/or morality. Her main goal is to show a unique perspective of No Country for Old Men. Genre Descriptions (Fiction Only). Agent Query LLC. 13 Nov. 2012. http://www. agentquery. com/genre_descriptions. aspx McCarthy, Cormac. No Country for Old Men. New York: Knopf, 2005. Print. No Country for Old Men. TV Tropes Foundation, LLC, n. d. Web. 13 Nov. 2012. http://tvtropes. org/pmwiki/pmwiki/php/Main/Nocountryforoldmen How to cite Middleman vs Ghost, Papers

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Environmental Ethics Of Environmental Managements Essay Example For Students

Environmental Ethics Of Environmental Managements Essay First of all, the most important means of environmental management is the law. Means a mandatory legal means of environmental management, environmental management according to law is to control and eliminate pollution, protect the rational utilization of natural resources, and an important measure to maintain the ecological balance. Environmental management on the one hand to rely on legislation, the state environmental protection requirements, practices, all fixed in legal form, enforce; on the other hand also on law enforcement. Environmental management departments to assist and cooperate with the judiciary in violation of environmental laws to fight crime, to assist the arbitration; in accordance with environmental regulations, environmental standards to deal with environmental pollution and environmental damage, to conduct serious pollution and damage to the environment of the prosecution, even legal liability; also be based on environmental regulations to harm people s health, p roperty, person or entity of pollution and damage to the environment to give criticism, warning, fines or order the payment of damages. For example, China began from the 1980s, from the central to local issued a series of environmental protection laws and regulations. At present, it has formed an environmental protection law system by the state constitution, the Basic Law of environmental protection, environmental protection and other sectors separate regulations on environmental protection laws and other legal norms thereof.Secondly, the government should use science and technology for environmental management. It refers to the use of those techniques to improve production both in prison, but also be able to control environmental pollution and ecolo. .nature, protect nature becomes conscious action to create a strong public opinion, so stop wasting resources and damaging the environment behaviour. Environmental education can foster environmental education through professional expertise in a variety of environmental protection, raise the level of environmental protection personnel; can also raise awareness of environmental and social citizenship and environmental education through the foundation of society, and to achieve the scientific manageme nt of the environment and the promotion of social environmental management oversight. For example, environmental education into the national education system, from kindergarten, primary and secondary schools grabbed strengthen basic education, improve adult education and universities to popularize environmental protection about the non environmental majors basic knowledge.

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Globalization Essays (1677 words) - Cultural Geography, Capitalism

Globalization So here we are. It's 2001. The cold war has ended. There are technological advances every day. The world is connected by the Internet. Previously sheltered countries are now able to see what is going on in the rest of the world. And the rest of the world can see what is going on in those countries. Ideas are bounced around as if in a pin ball machine. People in India, Pakistan, Israel, Germany, etc.? know what movie stars and fashions are popular in America, Great Britain, France, and Japan. However, they get more than just movies and fashions. They hear about issue debates, political struggles, agricultural problems, national budget deficits, and changes of power in government. Almost every aspect of life in almost every country is an open book. People in South Africa and other places where government is challenged have heard of or seen the way democracy works in other countries. Third world countries get aid from super power nations. But they also end up getting a large dose of someone else's nationalism. This trend has been termed globalization and is generally considered a good thing. People can imagine a future without poverty and violence where almost everyone is happy and those who are not can do something about it without starting a war. The world is still far away from this utopian goal, but we are getting there slowly. I believe that one of the manifestations of globalization is the sense of a global society. The idea that the Internet presents a free marketplace of ideas is prevalent and makes a good example for what I wish to explain. Someone (person A) lives in Canada. Person A has a great idea for a business. He emails a friend of his in the United States, person B. Person B likes person A's idea and they become partners. Through the Internet, they are contacted by potential investors in Denmark, Japan, Thailand, and South America. Person A and person B use the Internet to send a business proposal to the potential investors. The potential inverters like the proposal and agree to meet persons A and B in person to draw up a contract for shareholding rights and operations costs. Thus the free market place of ideas represented by the Internet has once again allowed people from around the world to connect and create a partnership. This happens every day on a larger scale in our globalized world. Small countries form alliances with larger ones that are thousands of miles away. For example, after WWII, Japan agreed to let the U.S. take over its naval operations. So now Japan is a technological country and America's navy protects it. Also in this exchange, Americans are exposed to Japanese culture and the Japanese are exposed to American culture. This exposure happens all over the world every day. Some people are concerned that this exposure to a different culture will greatly affect or even alter the culture of another country. Others see globalization as a simple melding of the local and the global aspects of life in every country. In the world today, global society and local society seem to have overlapping boundaries, making the lines between them blurry. Is the blurring of these boundaries a problem? This is the question we must answer in order to grow in our new global society. Those who see globalization as an intrusive process, believe that globalization is a manifestation of cultural imperialism. Dezalay (1990) said that, Globalization is for the most part an Americaization (p.281). People like Dezalay believe that globalization is in fact Europeanization or Americanization, and that it threatens to overwhelm or completely bury the cultural norms and values of other countries. Chuang (Communication and Global Society) said, The Americanization of a global culture via technology and mass media might lead to political hegemony, cultural imperialism, and intellectual colonization, and consequently diminish local identity (p.19). A good example of cultural imperialism is the 18th and 19th century idea of the British regarding their worldwide territories. When the British colonized America and India, they believed they were superior to the native Indians in both places because the Indians did not speak the King's English and had strange habits and

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HISTOLOGY lab report Essays

HISTOLOGY lab report Essays HISTOLOGY lab report Paper HISTOLOGY lab report Paper Cells appear to be squarely, nuclei are in the middle of each cell, basement membrane, connective tissues Simple Columnar (stomach) Tall (like a column), elongated nuclei, there are gastric pits visible, basement membrane, microvolt, connective tissue Simple Columnar (duodenum) Columnar in appearance, microvolt are present as well as Burners glands Stratified Exogamous (non-scrutinized) Appear to have a mix of cuboids and columnar cells in the basal layers, with exogamous cells at the top. Sequestrations Ciliated Columnar Appears to have more than one layer of column of cells, but the cells appear to e resting on the basal lamina. Cilia are on the top of the cells. Transitional Top cells appear to be larger, round, and have 2 nuclei. Connective tissue and a basement membrane Stratified Cuboids (online) Double layer of squarely cells, each having their own nuclei Stratified Columnar (on line) Layers of cuboids cells on the bottom with a single layer of columnar cells on the top. Questions: A. The study of histology is important in the overall understanding of anatomy and physiology so that you can gain an understanding of the structure and functions of different tissues throughout the body systems. B. Epithelial tissues are named by their shape and cell arrangement. C. Some epithelial tissues are stratified because there are many layers of cells to help protect areas that are known for lots of wear and tear. These types of tissues are generally found on the skin and mouth cavity. D. The functions that are supported by having cuboids and columnar cells having large, open cytoplasm include absorption, secretion, and allowance for rapid diffusion or transport of substances through the basement membrane. E. Identification of epithelium (see lab manual page 70 for drawings) a. = simple exogamous b. 2=simple columnar c. 3=sequestrations columnar d. 4= stratified exogamous EXERCISE 2: CONNECTIVE TISSUE OBSERVATIONS: Data Table 2: Connective Tissue Tissue Amount and Shape of Cells Amount of Matrix Are there fibers? If so, are they parallel or scattered? Messengers (online) 23-polygonal Yes, both parallel and scattered Areola (online) 28- spindle shaped Yes, parallel Adipose (online) 8-polygonal shaped No Dense Irregular (online) 20-polygonal shaped 35% Yes, scattered Reticular 40- statelier shaped Dense Regular: Tendon Too many to count (TM) Hyaline Cartilage TM Elastic Cartilage 50% Fibrillating Compact Bone TM, round in shape Human Blood A. The primary function of connective tissue is to join bodily structures (bones, muscles, etc. ) together and to hold tissues (muscles, tendons, organs, etc. ) in place. B. The shape of a cell gives us insight into the function of the tissue (fiat cells protect, large open cells store or secrete materials, etc. ) C. The matrix is non-cellular material, usually made of protein, that provides support for certain tissues and acts as a filter between the tissue cells and the blood. D. Collagen fibers provide support, flexibility, and strength for the connective tissue. E. The limited blood supply of tendons, ligaments, and cartilage could slow the healing process of the body due to fewer nutrients and oxygen that is being delivered via the blood. EXERCISE 31 MUSCLE TISSUE Data Table 3: Muscle Tissue Muscle Type Shape and Arrangement of Cells Striations Present? Fibrous, multifaceted yes Smooth Thin-elongated cells, large oval nuclei Cardiac Cross striations (not as obvious as skeletal), one nucleus present in the center of each cell yes QUESTIONS: A. Smooth muscle would be found in the stomach. B. Smooth muscle differs from skeletal muscle in the way that it does not have striations present and its an involuntary muscle. C. Skeletal muscle is considered voluntary because these muscles are used under our conscious control. They are stimulated by impulses from the brain/spinal cord. D. Cardiac muscle is unique because it is an involuntary striated muscle that in sometimes mimics smooth muscle and at other times skeletal muscles. It has the ability to contract involuntarily, but also carries an action potential. However, the appearance of the cells resemble skeletal muscle. EXERCISE 4: NERVOUS TISSUE A. The function of the nervous tissue is to respond to stimuli and then send impulses to various organs in the body. B. The cell bodies of the neurons are elongated into cell processes so that they can transfer a signal from the dendrites to cells in the body. C. Eyes cant hear a sound and ears cant see light because the body is wired in such a way that each nerve is designed to respond and transmit specific stimuli from specific areas of the body. D. The difference between a nerve and a neuron is that a neuron is the basic cell of the nervous yester and is comprised of the cell body, dendrites, and an axon and is a single cell that has the ability to become excited. A nerve is a bundle of fibers that are made up of many neurons. CONCLUSIONS: The study of histology is an important part of anatomy and physiology. It allows for the understanding of the structure and function of cells, tissues, and the role that they play throughout our bodies. Without the knowledge of histology little else will make sense in regards to anatomy and physiology. Histology is the foundation of the function of the human body.

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Art periods - Impressionism and Post Impressionism Essay

Art periods - Impressionism and Post Impressionism - Essay Example The impressionist deviated from their predecessor artists as they painted in the open air (en plain air) (Rewald, 2005). This was very important in confronting the modern city life and the nature. They further painted their work by use of pure color. The use of pure color was very important as they made the work of the artist impressive. The work was attractive unlike the previous artistic work. The artists who fall in this category influenced the western conception of drawings and paintings. The impressionists revolutionized the western work of art. It was an avenue of the post impressionists who created their work basing on the impressionism. They modified the impressionism work of art. They thus, maintained some other aspects of the impressionism. The impressionism is very important as it made a base for the post impressionism. All the paintings, drawings and films of post- impressionism were borrowed from the impressionism. Even though the post impressionists deviated from the im pressionists, they still borrowed some knowledge from impressionists to perfect their works of art. Claude Monet is the greatest artist in this period. He aimed at catching light and atmosphere something which had not been thought by the past artists. His enjoyment in painting outdoors let to spontaneous and free painting technique. Monet’s brushwork is remarkably varied and flexible. He could change his work. Sometimes his work was dappled and sparking but at other times it was broad and sweeping.